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Welcome to DriveMe 24/7 a company that prides itself in delivering a quality chauffeur experience.

Let us drive you and bring you back safe without any DUI or unwanted traffic incidents.

Enjoy the comfort and luxury of your own vehicle driven by your very own private chauffeur. We come to you, be it your home or office we will drive you wherever you need to go and bring you back safely.

Protect your life and reputation. No hassles... no DUI’s.
Keep your driving record spotless and your insurance premiums at a minimum by using DRIVEME24/7.

Serving Executives, Medical Professionals, Legal Professionals, NBA, MLB and the NFL Community.

We always go the extra mile and take service levels beyond merely providing a professional driver. Reliability and punctuality come as standard.

Call us today and enjoy social and special events without any driving worries.

Job well done.

Ph: (305) 218.3364
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